Prime Variable Buss Affiliate Marketing 4 Top Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

4 Top Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

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There are lots of various Pay per click (PPC) affiliate programs out there that allows bloggers to earn money online from Blogging from each click generated by advertisement codes inserted into their Blogs, while this might seem as a simple way to make to make money online, traffic is really very important, and without a good volume of traffic one will go into frustration. So it is really important that you ensure that your blog is receiving a reasonable amount of traffic before you Apply for any Pay per click (PPC) affiliate program, and when it comes into the best converting traffic for pay per click affiliate programs, Search engine traffic takes the lead any time, I once wrote a post on how to generate free Traffic to your blog, you can check out the Post Here. In addition to that, you can also read my pots on how to create Facebok ads if you wish to generate traffic through social media Ppc.

Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Best ppc Affilate program 4 Top Best Pay Per Click Affiliate ProgramsTo cut the story short, here is the List of my best Pay per click affiliate Programs that Bloggers and webmasters can easily make Money From:

AdcMedia Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

Recently, i stumbled on a pay perclick company that allows you to make money from Blogging. AdcMedia allows bloggers to make money from the clicks generated from the ads placed on your Blog,unlike all other PPC ads company,AdcMedia as an affiliate program,i.e, you get paid an instant %10 of income for each member that you refer. So its not all about making money from PPc alone,there affiliate program is also another fast way to make Money Online. Morealso, there application is an intant approval, just fill out the form on there application page and you get accepted into there payper click affiliate program.

Google Adsense Ppc Program

what is adsense 4 Top Best Pay Per Click Affiliate ProgramsGoogle adsense remains the best and easiest way for Bloggers to earn money from there blog through pay per click affiliate marketing, it is a program being administered by the world largest search engine; Google and aimed at assisting bloggers to make money through (pay per click) ppc. Gone are those days when people easily get a google adsense account, things are now changing. Due to the massive volume of google adsense application google receives daily. the rules are now more strict, getting an approve adsense account these days might be really hard. But to ensure that Your Google adsense is approved, make sure your site is well structured and can be easily navigated, I will advise You hire someone to create Your Blog for you if you are not an expert in web designing. I will be glad to assist you with your Blog creation, but for a fee that is affordable. Click here to receive a Quote from me. Also ensure that your content are original and not whole lifted from other Blog/websites, you can check out my Post here to see a software that allows me to Generate blog Content with Ease.

Once you are approved into google adsense, insert your adsense codes into your Blog, I will advice placing them above and below the fold and also at the side bar(S). If you are a WordPress User, I will advise you use a plugin called Wp-Insert, you can download it here for free. Blogger users can edit there Blog theme and input the ads codes into it.

I will also advise you to read a Blog post made on My Blog by Ogunfeitimi Tobi on How to Increase Your Google adsense Earnings.

Chitika Keyword Ppc Program

Apart from Google adsense, Chitika is also one of the best pay per click affiliate programs bloggers and webmasters can apply to. Unlike Google adsense that serves banner ads, Chitika allows you to monetize your Blog by converting the keywords in your Blog into an external link, and for every click generated by the Links, you get paid, according to Chitika most readers suffer from a syndrome called Banner Blindness, and the only way to make Money from them through pay per click is by replacing banners with links within your post.

it’s quite easy to get a higher Click through Rate through Chitika than Google, but in terms of cpc which stands for cost per click, Google as an Higher cpc than Chitika, i once use them on this blog, but had to remove them and replace it with Google adsense, not be because they are not good but I just don’t Like them changing the words in my Posts to Links, it increased My Bounce rate. While just about 3% of my Blog readers click on my adsense, about 45% were clicking on my Chitika ads, thereby increasing my bounce rate.

BuysellAds Ppc Affiliate Program

Buy Sell ads is a ppc affiliate program that looks a bit like adsense, you apply for an account, and if your account is approved you are automatically qualified to start displaying ads on your Blog. One of the major advantages of BuysellAds over other ppc affiliate program is that you are the one that determine how much you wanna charge advertisers for each slot on your Blog irrespective of the amount of click generated by such ads, unlike google adsense or Chitika that you can’t predict how much you will be paid per click.

Getting approved to BuysellAds is also not very easy, you must ensure that you have quality blog content, your blog design must be superb, and your blog must also be at least 3 month old. Alexa rank is also a criterion for getting approved into BuysellAds Ppc Affiliate Program. BuysellAds takes 25% of your total ads income, looks pretty high, but it really worth it. I don’t use them at the moment and I don’t plan using them at all for this blog, the reason is that most BuysellAds advertisers are affiliate marketers and most ads that will be displayed on your blog are mostly click bank affiliate product, I will prefer sending traffic to affiliate products directly rather than being paid a peanut to send traffic to an affiliate url. Hope you understand my point of view?

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