Prime Variable Buss Digital Marketing 5 Genius Digital Marketing Tips to Attract New Clients to Your Plumbing Business

5 Genius Digital Marketing Tips to Attract New Clients to Your Plumbing Business

5 Genius Digital Marketing Tips to Attract New Clients to Your Plumbing Business post thumbnail image

Your business will have a lot of security and plenty of customers whenever you get serious about marketing.

There are lots of digital marketing tips that you can apply which will allow your business to flourish. Since plumbing service is something that so many people need, you would do well to master your digital marketing so you can reach more people.

No matter where you live, the tips in this article will be useful.

Follow these strategies and start building a thriving plumbing business.

Create an App For Your Plumbing Business

Having an app for your plumbing business is one of the best digital marketing tips to keep in mind.

With an app, you can reach your customers on their native devices and offer them all sorts of services and content. People that have your app will be able to do anything from getting a quote on plumbing work and booking an appointment to getting plumbing advice that will help them in their homes.

This can be a big part of your business model moving forward. For instance, the free version of the app can be used for communication and logistics, while the premium version can consist of a huge database of plumbing tutorials and lessons.

Having a presence in iPhone and Android app stores is a great form of digital marketing, which will help your plumbing business take off.

Blog Well, Blog Often

You can really get great marketing firepower when you have a blog. Running a blog lets you get plenty of hits with Google, which is the biggest marketing tool on the planet right now.

When you write blog posts, make sure that you are providing great value instead of just asking for something of your readers. Teach them about plumbing and share lots of advice, and you will be well on your way toward getting an amazing following.

Make sure that you also get your logo and branding together so that people recognize your plumbing business. For instance, Beehive Plumbing has a friendly cartoon bee on all of its branding materials.

Be Diligent With Your E-Mail List

You’re better able to market when you have an e-mail list.

You can use a platform like Aweber and Mailchimp to reach your customers at their inbox. In exchange, you will get lots of data from them that can be useful.

Be sure that you throw some freebies their way in exchange for signing up for the e-mail list, rather than just asking.

Make Loads of Great Video Content

YouTube is a giant in this day and age, so you need to create great video content to make your plumbing business stand out. When you create a video, do your best to make it as high quality as possible.

You should also match your video with great sound, and package it with the right SEO keywords and taglines.

Use Digital Coupons, Barcodes and Promo Codes

Finally, stay with the times by creating digital promos that your customers can take advantage of.

Being able to scan a barcode or key in a promo code with an app is not only fun, but it’s also effortless. This is much better than passing out flyers and gives you lots of data on who is responding to your branding.

Digital Marketing Tips For Your Plumbing Business

With these digital marketing tips, you’ll be able to take your plumbing business to the next level. Make sure you keep reading up on all things digital marketing related for the betterment of your business.

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