Prime Variable Buss Digital Marketing 5 Hot Digital Marketing Trends to Help You Finish the Year Strong

5 Hot Digital Marketing Trends to Help You Finish the Year Strong

5 Hot Digital Marketing Trends to Help You Finish the Year Strong post thumbnail image

2022 was an exciting year for the world of digital marketing, bringing new innovations in automation trends as well as continuing the shift toward a mobile-first market.

But the new brings new opportunities for you and your team to smash your marketing goals.

Wondering what the new year will bring? Here are a few of the hottest marketing trends you have to look forward to in 2023.

1. Content Over Ads

We tend to romanticize the old days of marketing. From full-page magazine ads with elaborate artwork to ridiculous radio spots, advertising used to be a one-way channel with the consumer to the customer.

But times have changed, and you’ll need to change with them.

It’s still possible to reach consumers, but your methodology will need to shift drastically. Stop talking to your customers and talk with them.

Advertise through content like blogs, videos, and social media posts instead of relying on dying methods.

2. Automation Will Continue To Rise

Automation was one of the biggest trends this year, saving companies and customers alike time and money. If you haven’t already come up with a marketing automation strategy, there’s no better time than now.

Think about ways in which you can use automation to simplify the customer experience. Doing so will result in more customer trust, and in turn, stronger customer retention.

3. Invest In Video Marketing Trends

A reliance on video marketing is becoming increasingly important, particularly on social media platforms.

An analysis of current marketing trends would indicate that even a small investment in video marketing can become as important to your strategy as a blog or copy.

Customers spend about six hours per day engaging with video content on a daily basis, so strike now while the iron is hot.

4. Social Media Messaging As A Customer Service Platform

When a problem arises, customers are going to do everything in their power to reach your company. These days, one of the best methods of contact is social media.

It’s time to get into the habit of checking your social media profiles more often. Make sure someone monitors your pages at least once or twice per day so that you don’t miss a message from a customer.

5. Mobile Will Dominate Desktop

Of all the current marketing trends, this is perhaps the least surprising. As 2022 exits and 2023 enters, the mobile experience will only become more pertinent to consumers.

Make sure you’re anticipating their needs. Ensure that your website scales to mobile and that your mobile site has 1:1 parity with the browser experience.

With thousands of apps downloaded each and every day, now is also a great time to invest in apps if you haven’t already.

These Marketing Trends Will Help Your Business Finish Strong

To wrap things up, 2023 won’t look terribly different than 2022. Expect an increased focus on the customer experience in both content and customer service.

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