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7 Principles of an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

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In today’s market, there is no getting around using the internet for marketing. You find it tough to keep up with since each social media channel has their own expectations.

Thankfully, there are systems for a successful digital marketing campaign. These campaign strategies have helped decrease the overwhelming feeling of digital marketing. Once you know this method, you can concentrate on your business and spend less time worrying about marketing.

There are seven aspects at the base of any successful digital marketing campaign. These aspects act as the pillars that keep your campaign steady in the changing online world. Let’s explore them together!

The Digital Marketing Campaign

Before we go into the method, let’s establish what a successful campaign looks like. When we look at successful campaigns from 2018 what do we find?

The companies who ran successful campaigns used pop culture trends to grab attention. This included live videos, memes, quick but powerful ads and unique messages. The campaigns worked because they were unique and got their point across.

The Seven Principles

To start a campaign, you need some base information and ideas. Great digital marketing campaigns aren’t born overnight. Prepare to spend at least a week or two making your marketing plan. The quality of your campaign depends on the depth of thought behind it.

I said marketing plan, but what does that mean? In the seven principles, we’ll discuss, six out of seven of them are preparation. These six pre-exposure principles make up your digital marketing campaign plan.

1. Know your Audience

This is marketing 101 and I know you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: know your audience! The last thing you want to do is spend money on marketing and have it never be seen by potential clients.

Where are these future clients spending their time online? Are they online shopping, reading news sites, or using social media? You need to know so that you can choose where to display your ads.

2. Marketing Vision

Since you know who your clients are and where they spend their time, you’re ready to design your vision. What do you want your digital marketing campaign to say?

To figure out what you want to say, know what you want your campaign to do. What are your goals for the campaign? Are you concerned about brand awareness or increasing sales?

Once you’ve figured out your goal, concentrate on making your content and designs fit into it.

3. Make a Budget

You don’t usually think of a budget as a design aspect of a digital marketing campaign, do you? But it’s as much of a design aspect as anything else. By creating a budget, you can assess which social media platforms you can afford to advertise on.

Maybe a smaller budget means only concentrating on Facebook marketing, that’s ok! It’s a great thing to know ahead of time so you don’t spend the time and money creating Instagram content.

4. Pick your Platform(s)

This step might seem silly to do before you create content but stay with me. If you pick where your content is going to go, you can personalize it for each site.

If you choose to use Instagram, you’ll need something that can show your message with images. If you’re going for content marketing articles, you’ll need a great title and blurb for Facebook or Twitter.

Once you know where you’re posting, you can create the correct content for that market.

5. Create Content

Finally, it’s time to put your creative team to work! This is my favorite part. Depending on the platforms you chose, you’ll need different content.

Visual Content

Make sure you’re using bold colors that work well together. If you’re using images for something like Instagram, make sure they aren’t overcrowded with text. You want to get your message across quickly and simply. You can use photo captions to express more information.

Content Marketing Blogs

If you choose to use content marketing, it needs to be visually appealing as well. Make sure your spacing is correct and not hard to read. People respond to images in articles well, especially infographics!

When choosing topics, spend the time doing research into what interests your audience. It’s much easier to interest them in something already on their radar than something new.

That doesn’t mean you should write your own version of popular articles. Creative titles and articles will get you more attention than overdone topics.

6. Choose your Keywords

Keywords are important for all types of marketing. They’re thought of mostly as something to sprinkle through articles, but they’re relevant visually too.

Using keywords in visual marketing shows up differently than in content blogging. Ads and videos use hashtags to engage customers in their campaigns.

Using the right keywords for your market and audience brings potential customers to you, instead of you needing to deliver to them. Spend as much time researching the words you’ll use in your hashtags as you would with content keywords.

7. Engage Engage Engage!

Congratulations, now that you’ve gone through all these steps you can post your content! But don’t sit back and relax yet, your job isn’t over. In the past, it was acceptable to send out marketing material and then consider the advertising done.

Now, in the world of constant communication, you have to interact with what you’ve posted to stay afloat. When people engage with your content, respond to them or like/favorite their comment.

This makes people relate to your brand. By engaging with your customers, you’re reminding them that you aren’t a big scary business, but a group of people. Since you’ve shown them you value them, they feel more inclined to return that favor.

Creating a successful digital marketing campaign is not easy. It takes lots of consideration and long hours of research. But if you do it right, in the terms of business growth, anything is possible.

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