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Affiliate marketing traffic booster

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So, you are probably looking for a way to make fast cash? Or you probably want to find a way to get some quick traffic? Traffic is the #1 thing we all need. If you don’t have traffic, don’t ever expect to make any money. You need a quality little way to make yourself more money, but you need more traffic first. Well, I didn’t want you to wait and wait sand wait, so I think I’m just going to go straight into it.

Affiliate marketing traffic booster

In this article, I am giving you one powerful traffic source, and I’ll show you a nice little strategy that I do in order to make fast sales on Clickbank, or any other affiliate program you have. This article is supposed to be a mixture of one good way to make money but also a simple little set of traffic sources you could use to make big cash. I don’t like wasting time, and I sure don’t like writing a ton of my own backstory because it doesn’t make a difference to you. I want you to take this information as I am writing this, and that you begin to start driving that traffic the way you want to. This is a legit and quick little overnight technique for getting traffic. Let’s begin: Having An Offer It is vital that you are well aware of what your goals are in this product. If you want to build a list, drive traffic to an affiliate product, or simply gain more traffic to a YouTube video….whatever it is….you need to have an offer. The best part? The best part is that this traffic source ALWAYS works….so you don’t have to worry about trying to promote an offer that doesn’t convert as well. If you decide on one campaign and it doesn’t work, then move on. It’s really that easy. “Now, what will we be doing?” “Can I find out what this is already?” Yup, I know I know. This is a very confusing and scary time because you want your money which you spent on this to be very worth it. And trust me….it will be worth it.

This website is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. In all honesty, I don’t even remember how I stumbled across this site several months back. I just remember finding it on complete accident, and it am glad I did so and I didn’t click “close window” at first glance. Because when you first look at the site, it looks somewhat amateurish and nothing as professional.

It looks simple. But that is what makes it so intriguing. Visit the site and get a quick idea on what it looks like. Just the front page and all of its information is so intriguing once you start reading it. This is how it works: (Please sign up to the site and follow the instructions below as you are reading it. This makes it easier to understand.) The website is Sign on the right with your name, email, and other information. It takes just a couple of seconds. When you join the website, fill in your entire information completely from the get go. (If you’re redirected to to his part right after verifying the email address, simply click on “edit profile” on the right hand side) This is the number one most important thing. Don’t be afraid to put your phone number in there and even your Skype id.

I made a new Skype id when I first started with this. The phone number I used was one I’ve made from an iPhone app. You’ll need to put up a picture as well and also a business name. In the business link in the 3rd step, you’ll need to put up a website link. Any website of yours will do, but try putting up a product you want to sell….ie…an affiliate product or even a squeeze page. Squeeze pages work WELL. Now, once this has been done, you’ll instantly receive 500 credits. (Isn’t that cool) Each credit can be turned into an impression, and what happens is that for every 500 credits, you get 2,500 views to any website, affiliate link, or squeeze page of your choice.

Anything in the MMO niche is the best way to go for since everybody on the site is looking for a way to make money. After you have typed in your information and you get all those credits, head down to your Advertising Center on the left. This is when the fun part begins. You’re going to create a brand new ad, and after You’ll have to first convert either 100 or 500 of your credits into impressions. (Try going for 100 for now, and then try just one campaign. Do another 100 right after to test out different campaigns. You should be able to have 5 campaign ads setup.) Once that is done, you’ll need to decide what kind of ad you’re going to create. You have the option to create a banner ad or a text ad. Either way, it’s very effective. You can create your own banner ad to lead to any page that you would like. My first ever campaign was actually using just a text ad, and it still converted well.

I used all 500 credits to go straight to George Brown’s Google Sniper, and it made me a couple hundred bucks. Obviously, it isn’t going to convert at massive speeds straight off the bat since it was just a text ad and not everybody knows about Internet marketing, but it made me money and that is what matters. Right? Below is a video I watched a long time ago that shows you how to get your first ad up. If you want to create your own banner ad, (which I think is much more effective) just do a quick Google search and you’ll find all kinds of places to create your own banner ads. Banner ad creator: pid=generator&pag=1&opt=2 How do I get more impressions and views? Well, there are all kinds of ways to do that. You could create press releases to share with others, comment on other peoples posts, make sure to sign in everyday, and of course, refer more and more people to your network. If you click on “earn free” on your right dashboard, you should be able to find out the different ways to get more credits to getting more traffic.

Here’s some of the info: (I just copy and pasted it here) “NEW USERS – When signing up for the system, and earning their first star, users will receive 500 REFERRING USERS – When a new user signs up through your invitations (Invite, email, Facebook or links) you will receive 200 credits (400 for IBO contributor badge holders) after they have earned their first star. (referal links) WRITING PRESS RELEASES – Receive 20 credits (40 for IBO contributor badge holders) per PR submitted through IBOtoolbox (Max 2/day). Also: 100 credit AUTHENTIC content bonus LOGGING IN – One time per day when you log in, you will receive 25 credits (50 for IBO contributor badge holders). PR/VIDEO COMMENTING – If you have at least 5 stars, you will earn 5 credits (10 for IBO contributor badge holders) per press release or video comment. Limit 1 per PR/video. IBOTOOLBOX CONTRIBUTORS – IBOcontributor badge holders receive double earned credits. This does not include coupons/bonuses. EVEN MORE FREE CREDITS! – IBOtoolbox has partnered with TrialPay to bring IBOmembers even more ways to get FREE credits. click here to

Do these different tasks to get more credits. I did not put my affiloate link in here solely for avoiding comments and posts on my thread saying I am only here to promote my own account. So nobody on here is required at all, or even given the option, to sign up under me.

On the right bottom side, you’ll see this: “You currently have 1 star(s). Maximize your online marketing efforts by trying to get and maintain all 6 stars! Completed Profile Recent Press Release Activity Recent Wall Activity Recent Referral Activity Recent Advertising Activity Recent PR/Video Comment Activity Click the areas above to get more details.” You need to do all of these tasks in order to get all stars. For example, you need at least 5 stars in order to get more credits from video or press release commenting.

Now, there are many people who will use this site to really build their traffic, build a community, and develop networks. At times, this is a good way to go, but oftentimes, don’t we all just want to make money? And this is why I have, at times, created more than one account. (I only have a few, and I do not abuse the system in any way or form. I don’t sign up from my own links or anything like that.) I have multiple accounts where I just come up with a new email address and name to use. Why, you ask? Because it allows for you to always get that 500 credits from the get go. And don’t we all just want to get some traffic to those squeeze pages to build our list, or how about those affiliate lists, or even our niche websites. I do, however, have 3 main accounts under different pseudonyms where I literally try to grow it with building a network. But if you just want to test this out and see how great the traffic is for yourself, you may just want to open up other accounts.

There was a day where I had little to nothing to do. I was on the site trying to get more credits and I even did a few of their offers. Click on the “earn free” page in order to see the offers at the bottom. You can play games and other stuff to get more and more credits for you to use. Anyways, I wanted to get another 1,000 impressions to go and to also see what else I could to get that traffic, but nothing was working on the site. I had already used up the 8,000 views I had earned and being used over the course of 10+ different campaigns. So I wanted to get more traffic. I then decided to make one account after another. I don’t use them. I just wanted to test out if it would work for me to make a new account and still get tons of traffic. And it did work. Stay On One Or Two Accounts You do, however, still want to build that professionalism on the site through your main (1 or 2) accounts because you’ll end up with more and more associates, and you’ll get more and more opportunities to get more credit to convert into traffic. Buying Credit Buying credit is beyond easy on this site. Simply click on one of the links below the “earn free” button on the right hand side. Click on that link, and you’ll be able to find other ways to get credit. 25000 Credits (125000 Ads) for $50 {value deal}

I don’t know about you guys, but that is a lot of impressions and views to your banner ads or text ads. Th e more enticing your banner ad the But really. Isn’t that a lot of traffic? What would you with that kind of traffic?

Unique little strategy: If you want to be able to use those credits without using any money from your own pocket… what I did……(if you know me well, you’d know I try to save as much as I can with any campaign. If I ever decide to pay for anything, I make sure I know what I’m doing and that I’m not guessing.) Open up an an account, get your free first 500 credits, and then promote an affiliate product via a Instant PayPal Commission website. Try RapBank or Digiresults or PaySpree to find these types of products. Just promote any make money online product or anything business related, and then allow for the traffic to be brought to the affiliate page with YOUR affiliate link. Make the cash to your PayPal, and allow for it to

This method can be used to make you cash almost AT WILL. You don’t need to think about building something or having to wait. All you have to do is set the traffic up, leave your campaign with your link there, and then let the money flow in. You can decide to leave the computer and do anything else you want to…..or you can decide to try and get even more credits.

Is this traffic targeted? To some extent, it is very good traffic for the make money online niche, but it isn’t for any other niche. They promote campaigns and ads throughout their community, so your banner ads are going to be seen by others who are on the site and who read in the newsletters. So it is still pretty targeted.

Why don’t you try it out yourself? Wouldn’t you want to have 1000+ people visit your new product, squeeze page, or any page you want?

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