Prime Variable Buss Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing: What is Affiliate Marketing? post thumbnail image

With the dawn of the digital age of technology and the internet have come multiple new ways to make money online. Well doesn’t that sound too good to be true? To be able to make a living from your laptop sitting in a beach on a tropical island. Most people have written off the idea of making money online as there are a lot of scams going on. When most people think of making money online they think of those sketchy survey websites that earn you $1 an hour.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The beauty with this business model is that you do not need your own product. You don’t need to worry about the tough work of creating a product, designing it, manufacturers and customer service. You are not physically touching the product either. What you are doing is selling someone else’s. product so all you are incharge of is the marketing. For this all you would need to do is join a popular affiliate program. After this you can pick the products you like and generate your unique tracker link. You will then place this link on your social medias, website or any other place that would generate traffic to it.

The Best Affiliate Programs

Some great affiliate program include Amazon Associates, Clickbank and Ebay. There are also a number of other sites that allow you to become an affiliate like Shopify, Bluehost and a handful of others. Amazon’s affiliate program is good because people trust amazon and everybody orders from amazon these days. The downside with amazon is there commissions are quite low usually around 2-3%. Clickbank is one of the best know affiliate programs. Clickbank has thousands of offers to promote and the great things is they offer large commissions. Some commissions even go up to 90% which is unbelievable. Ebay is also a popular website that you can do affiliate marketing for.

How To Get Started

So now that you know some good programs you can join how do you actually start making money? Well the first step is to sign up. These programs all are super simple to sign up for and don’t take much time just check on their website and join. After this step you will generate your unique tracker links and start promoting. There are many ways to promote products and no you do not need an audience to do so. Some of the most effective ways to promote a product are by utilizing youtube, blogs and Instagram.

Where To Promote

I’m sure you watch youtube because who doesn’t these days. What you probably haven’t noticed is that almost every youtuber does affiliate marketing. All they do is place their links in the description of the video. They can either talk about a product or just place their camera gear in the description. It does not take much effort and can actually make them a fair amount of money. A way you can start utilizing youtube is by creating product review videos. Make a video about a product you have and just talk about it.

Give your opinion of it and let the viewers no if you would recommend it. After you finish reviewing it just tell the viewers to check it out in the description below if they would like to purchase it. This should be effective if done correctly since youtube videos are engaging and the viewer will be more inclined to buy. If creating videos is not your thing don’t worry there are other option. I’m sure you’ve read a lot of blog posts before and wondered how the blog themselves makes money.

Most blogs do use affiliate marketing. To do this you can create a blog posts about a particular product and review it then at the bottom place your link with a call to action. Another way to promote products is Instagram Influencer Marketing.

This is basically what a lot of famous Instagram models do. They film themselves with a product and give their opinion on it and leave their link for their followers to buy. You’re probably saying to yourselves but wait I don’t have 1 million followers to promote a product to. No problem. You don’t need to have your on audience you can utilize theirs. Instagram influencers will allow you to promote a product on their page in exchange for you paying them upfront.

If you have a good product and find a good influencer with good engagement than you should have no trouble profiting by running an ad for your affiliate product.

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