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Creating Fantastic Infographics

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Follow these steps to create fantastic infographics that you can use to boost traffic to your website or blog.

Creating Fantastic Infographics

Step 1: Find a Data Source

It doesn’t matter how cool your infographic looks, if the data are poor then it won’t work. Look for content on blogs in your niche, also look for popular posts that get a lot of tweets and shares, if the data is good it will make a good infographic.

Step 2: Find a designer

Look for a designer that is loved by other designers, this is usually a good indicator of a designer that knows what he is doing and someone that knows what a good infographic should look like.

Look on Dribbble and Behance for designers with lots of positive feedback and good comments. Make a list of the best ones and send them a message to enquire about their fees. It will cost you around $200 to $600 for a graphic, but once you have it you can use it multiple times on multiple platforms.

Step 3: Create a wireframe

This is like a overview. You have your data points and they should flow into one another. Focus on around six data points , more will make it too crowded. Once you have all your data you must figure out how you want it to look on your infographic. This you should discuss with your designer. Give the designer creative freedom to play around with the different facets until you are happy with the end product.

Step 4: Come up with a killer headline

Number based headlines have been proven to work best. These are headlines like “10 Ways to Increase your Web Traffic.” You have to get the headline right, because no matter how good your infographic is, without a good headline no one is going to read it.

Step 5: Promotion

Put an embed code in your infographic, so that people can share it easily. You can use the “embed code generator plugin” for WordPress. Get a list of all the blogs that might find your infographic useful and send them an e-mail with your embed code attached. Focus on the smaller blogs to get your infographic out there first. Around 8% of the blogs you mail should post your infographic if it is any good. You can also submit your infographic to directories like infographicsarchive and nerdgraph.


This should give you a good idea on how to create an infographic. Use these guidelines and don’t worry if your infographic doesn’t go viral over night. It usually takes a few tries before you figure out what your audience like. Infographics are very hot right now and they are a great way of generating traffic, so give it a go.

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