Prime Variable Buss Digital Marketing How to Get Your Business Out There? Content Marketing 101 Guide

How to Get Your Business Out There? Content Marketing 101 Guide

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Launching a new business online? Good luck – the competition is tight.

You’ll need to learn how to get your business out there. You need to fight tooth and nail to grab higher ranks on Google’s search results.

The good news is there is a legit solution. Whatever business you have, we’re sure that content marketing can get your name out.

70% of businesses that perform content marketing are more successful now than last year. Brands know that online content marketing is a powerful strategy.

Even then, what is content marketing? Why use content marketing and is content marketing effective?

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers you seek.

Want that extra visibility and a business that people come back to? Keep reading below to discover more:

1. What Is Content Marketing?

There are many definitions of content marketing that look like they’d work on books. If you’re a business, you don’t need that. Here’s a more precise explanation that you can use in your business.

What is content marketing? Contemnt marketing is a long-term strategic technique that emphasizes customer relationship. It lets you focus on your target audience with high-value content that they can use day to day.

Your content should have a few crucial elements for it to work. These are:

  • Relevant customer content
  • Consistent value over time
  • Care to your audience

At the end of the day, your goal is to choose you over the competition. By using your content for long-term value, you remind people that they need you. This content is a way for you to foster loyalty, which then gives you better lifetime customer value.

2. Understanding Pain Points

The primary strategy for online content marketing revolves around three specific points. These are not the end-all. Rather, these core concepts will help you make a custom style for your content marketing business.

The first point is to understand the customer’s pain points. Customer pains are the problems that they experience every day. These pain points keep them up at night, looking for a way to solve them.

As an example, if you’re doing Veterinary Marketing, you would focus your content in reminding people of their daily pet pains. It sounds weird, but knowing people’s pains and reminding them is a way to tug their interests.

Why use content marketing like this? That points out to the next step.

3. Resolving Customer Pains

Why is content marketing effective? It’s because of this second point.

Once you know people’s pains, the next step is to resolve their problem with your content. This may be in the form of a guide, a step-by-step overview or a recipe.

Online content marketing revolves around being helpful. You want people to keep coming back. If you’re a vet, this can be how to treat dog mange or potty-training cats.

What is content marketing good for is making content that resolves problems. If people deem your content helpful, you build trust and loyalty in them.

Once you create a good reputation and expertise with customers, that’s where you go to the next step.

4. Leading To The Buying Cycle

Why use content marketing? Here’s the thing.

The end-point that you want in content is to convert or sell your product. Your goal is for people to see you as a premier authority within your niche. Your content accomplishes that for you.

Once your target audiences are in their prime, you want your content to lead to your buying cycles. You would want to present your product offers as a solution to their problem. By doing so, you’re creating a desirable product.

5. Is Content Marketing Effective?

Is content marketing effective? That depends on how you treat the entire process. You would want to make sure your first steps are useful.

To understand your customer’s problems, you need to create a buyer’s persona. In online content marketing, a buyer’s persona is your avatar for your ideal customer. This includes:

  • Age Range
  • Gender
  • Geolocation
  • Income bracket
  • Family Size
  • Wants
  • Needs
  • Problems

The idea is to create the ideal customer that you think would buy your product, whose problem you can resolve with your content.

6. Creating Valuable Content

Once you know the people that will be your target audience, the next step for your content marketing business is to generate appropriate content. You would want to list as many topic points as possible.

You would want to make them long and informative. You aim to guide people on how to resolve their problems. You want content in varying lengths, depending on what you want to provide.

1000 words should be your bare minimum for listicles. You also want 1500 words or more for comprehensive guides. These blogs, videos, and images tend to get more traffic due to their comprehensiveness.

7. Other Forms Of Online Content Marketing

There are many more types of content that work. Why use content marketing like these? That’s because not all people like reading.

In this case, use different vehicles to convince your customers that you can help them. Use social media to reach out to them.

Use instructional videos and video marketing content to engage your customers. Use paid advertising to create an active outreach to your target customers.

Attract people to your website, using your helpful content as the motivator. Track how your content is performing with analytics from both Google and social media. This is a way for you to know what works.

Create different versions of your ads and pitches and test which one works the best. A/B testing is a good method of testing your campaigns.

This Is How To Get Your Business Out There

What is content marketing? It’s how you use your content to build ties with your target audience. If you want to know how to get your business out there, you need online content marketing in your repertoire.

Are you looking for more helpful articles on how to grow your business? Feel free to check out our other guides! 

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