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The 5 Best Ways to Advertise Custom Products Online

The 5 Best Ways to Advertise Custom Products Online post thumbnail image

Personalized items are hotter than ever.

This is thanks to new technologies that make them easier and cheaper for producers to make and consumers to buy. Everything from shirts to documents to woodwork can be ordered custom online.

Interested in learning how to sell your own custom products? Read on for 5 tips on advertising your special creations.

Write and Post Content

One of the top ways to advertise products in the digital age is with inbound content marketing.

Rather than going to your potential customers, you let your customers come to you.

To do this, you must create content that provides value to people searching the web. When someone has a question, they hop on Google – it’s your job to be there with the answer.

For example, let’s say you sell custom wedding invitations. A newly engaged couple might be doing some wedding planning, and to get ideas they Google search “custom wedding invitation ideas.”

By writing a blog post with some great samples, you can get them to visit your website and maybe even earn their business.

Post on Pinterest

Social media is great for small businesses. It’s free to join and has a big potential audience.

For businesses selling custom products, there’s perhaps no better social network to post on than Pinterest.

Pinterest is a hub of creativity, with users searching for and posting art, DIY projects, and other cool things. People planning weddings, parties, and other events love to go to Pinterest for inspiration.

By showcasing your personalized products on Pinterest, you’re putting them in front of people very likely to be interested in what you offer.

Use Targeted Social Ads

Another great aspect of social media is the ability to buy targeted ads.

Unlike traditional advertising, which is broadcast to a broad audience, targeted social ads allow you to get your message in front of a specific group. You can narrow down demographics, interests, and other qualifiers of the people most likely to want your product.

With the right advertising scope, you could advertise directly to the newly engaged couple from the previous example.

Film Videos

Did you know YouTube is the second-largest search engine?

Videos are a fantastic way to display off your custom products, especially if you’re a craftsman or artist. How-to guides or time lapses can draw excellent viewership and are a great opportunity to showcase your work.

When people see the time and effort you put into each piece, they’ll feel reassured about the quality of the products and will be more willing to buy.

Leverage Influencers

Another way to advertise your products is through influencer marketing.

Imagine seeing your custom buttons or shirts being worn by a digital celebrity in a video or Instagram post, with your brand tagged in the post.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sponsor The Rock or Justin Bieber. Identify influencers within or around your industry that you might be able to come to a reasonable agreement with, and contact them or their representatives.

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