Top 5 Compelling Benefits Of Geofencing Marketing For Small Businesses

Have you ever wished real life had a search bar? You get used to doing a quick search when you’re looking for something online like the best price on tablets. When you drive up to a shopping center, where’s the search bar to tell you which store will have what you need?

In a way, that’s what you give your customers with geofencing marketing. It’s a way to apply digital marketing to a customer’s real-life location. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Geofencing Marketing?

With geofencing marketing, you set up a virtual “fence” within a certain radius of your storefront. When a customer enters this radius, they’ll get a text message, app notification, or something similar. You can use these messages to alert them to a sale or show them a new product you’re selling.

The Benefits of Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing taps into a few things we know about consumers. First, we know that they want convenience. Second, we know that they’re always using their phones. Over half of smartphone users have used their phones to discover a new business.

Geofencing can help your business become their next discovery. Here are the benefits you need to know.

1. Targeted Advertising

For a small business, the last thing you want to do is market to people who have no chance of patronizing your business. As great as digital marketing can be, part of your budget is going toward people halfway around the world.

With geofencing, you’re targeting customers who are already nearby. You don’t get much more targeted than that.

2. Strike While the Iron is Hot

Convenience is king when it comes to consumers. With geofencing, you can capture the “well, I’m right here, I might as well pop in” effect. Impulse visits are especially popular with certain types of companies like clothing stores.

3. Make Your Real Estate Choice More Profitable

If you’re in a mall or shopping center, chances are that you’re paying high rent prices. While the location itself can get you more visibility, why not capitalize on it more?

With geofencing, you can get in touch with customers who are already in the shopping mood. They’re already spending time in the area, so when they find out about a sale nearby, chances are that they’ll come on over.

4. Lets People Know Where You Are

Sometimes a small business’ biggest hurdle is letting people know where they are. There may be customers who have heard of your business from various sources. When they get a notification that they’re near your storefront, they’ll say, “Oh, that’s where they are! I should go take a look.”

5. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

At first glance, geofencing sounds like an expensive endeavor. While it can be, there are options to fit any budget. Geofencing software providers can cater a solution to fit your price, and they’ll handle all the hassle.

Make Your Business a Magnet with Geofencing

Look outside your window and gaze at the hundreds or thousands of people who are already near your business. Geofencing marketing can be the perfect way to pull them in like a magnet.

Of course, geofencing should just be one part of a well-rounded marketing plan. 

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