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Why Your Heating Business Should Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

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If you’re the owner of a heating business, you likely have a DIY attitude about every aspect of your business.

And while you may think a Facebook page will suffice as digital marketing, it’s okay to admit that you’re not a digital marketing expert.

Even if you’re hesitant, hiring an expert can be extremely beneficial to your business. Those who use outside marketing sources have reported massive success.

Think your heating business doesn’t need a digital marketing expert? Think again. Here are some of the biggest reasons you need a marketing expert.

A Digital Marketing Expert Can Help You Build a Better Website

Every business could benefit from a better, stronger-looking website. Yes, it’s not enough to just have a website. Your site needs to check all of the following boxes:

  • User-friendly
  • Great menu system
  • Fast
  • Great images
  • SEO content
  • A sitemap
  • Photos
  • Expertly-crafted copy

That’s a lot for one person to handle — especially if you’re taking it on while running a heating business. Your marketing team will help you look at your website and determine what to keep and what to change.

Take a moment to look at the Diamond Gas & Heating Ltd. site. There should be a few key takeaways.

First, notice how quickly the site loaded. It took a matter of seconds to find the server and retrieve the site.

Next, look at the home page’s content. The top right corner of the page features a fantastic CTA (call-to-action) with contact info and a huge ‘book an appointment’ button. This type of inclusion is pertinent to getting your audience to take action.

Finally, look at how spread out the site is. There’s plenty of room for the text to breathe, so it’s all easy to read.

Digital Marketing Experts are Storytellers

Every heating business has a fantastic story to tell. And the more people that get to hear your story, the likelier they’ll be to do business with you.

It’s important to not view digital marketing as just copy or something to get more business. Of course, there are aspects of both of those present.

But at its core, the best digital marketing is all about the story of the brand. Hiring an expert doesn’t just get you great business savvy — you’re hiring storytellers, too.

They’re Familiar with SEO

The entirety of digital marketing revolves around 3 simple letters: SEO.

Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is all about how and where your website ranks on Google. And it’s a complicated beast.

With dozens of changes and just as many possible penalties, it’s important to get your SEO right. Better SEO will bring you better traffic. You can’t afford to ignore your SEO strategy.


By combining the strength of a great site, engaging branding, and an SEO strategy, your heating business will be hotter than ever.

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